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We are processing unmatched quality products processed from high-grade material procured from trusted market vendors. We maintain clean, pure, and high grade to ensure purity for safe consumption and high nutritional value of the offered products. Our products enhance SNF (non-fat solids) along with fat in milk with rich ingredients of proteins, minerals and probiotics. By eating Prabha Cattle Food, it becomes easier for animals to digest food, and at the same time prevents acidosis and increases milk.

Our Range of Cattle Feed

  • Vindhya Gold

  • Kabila Super Premium

  • Prabha Bypass Special

  • Prabha Dairy Special 

  • Prabha High Protein High Energy

PRABHA PASHU AAHAR (PRABHA CATTLE FEED) is one of the fastest-growing names in cattle feed. In sync with the diverse cattle conditions of India, PRABHA offers a vast range of products for all life stages of cows, and also for all kinds of cows and Buffaloes (milking, non-milking). Its high-quality feed is powered by a capable support system suited for Indian climatic conditions.​

  • Prepared by modern technology in well-equipped labs

  • Contains balanced nutrition

  • Good taste and appearance

  • Compliance with feed regulations

  • Excellent service

dairy special
high protein

​chicken feed products 

  • Prabha Maxigro Pre Starter 

  • Prabha Maxigro Starter

  • Prabha Maxigro Finisher 

  • 100% Pro-Vita Pre Starter 

  • 100% Pro-Vita Starter

  • 100% Pro-Vita Finisher 

  • ​100% Pro-Vita Counter Feed


Our production system is under expert medical supervision and we follow the principle of quality management. It is achieved with stringent controls at all stages starting from raw material and processes till pathogens and finished goods and claims to deliver high grade animal feed to the customer, keeping in mind the innovative spirit, we have launched a new introduced the product, which implements all new technology and will help to strengthen the growth prospects.




  • Improved Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR)

  • weight gain

  • better digestion

  • reduces pathogen load

  • lowers death rate

  • Get rid of healthy gut microbes

  • Adaptable to different breeds and climatic conditions of India

  • Full Paisa Vasul 

provita pre starter
provita counter
provita finisher
provita starter
prabha finisher
Manufacturing and Quality Management

Prabhavati Cattle Feed Industries in the year 2019VindhyachalOfholy city entered into the Animal Feed & Poultry Feed industry with a "DOUBLE UNIT" inexcellent speaker with measures to expand its production capabilities and through marketing channels.


The machinery and working style of our company contributes immensely to rendering excellent quality product, we take care of animal safety and nutrition  We understand your needs and expenses and we Claim to provide good food at a low cost.


Our company is well planned and we do transportation all over India without delaying even a single moment. And deliver high-quality food on time. 


We have always been accustomed to 24x7 alerts about the stakeholders and the quality of our products.

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